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A website of short stories, articles, audio books, e-books. books online, Bob Miller books, Vietnam War books, books on politics, political philosophy books, Non-fiction books and fiction books. Thanks for dropping by.

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"If you didn't care for Hunter S. Thompson, Bill Hicks, Edward Abbey or Henry C. Bukowski, you'd hate Bob Miller. Guaranteed! Alacrán, The Honey Badger was like climbing on the back of an angry bull. It was rough, tough, combative and sardonic." Nancy Schatteman

Alacrán, The Honey Badger E-book by Bob Miller

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ISBN-13: 9781483520650

Review: "Let me start by declaring that this is the kind of book that I would read the summary of and then find out approximately what it is about and put it down in search of another one, simply because I would prefer to read something else. This style is not usually my cup of tea. For the case of this particular book, I was hired to proofread the document with a certain amount of time and make a deadline; and through a misunderstanding, I got fired and replaced.

"However, when this happened I was already half way through the book, so I offered the author my feedback anyway, since I planned to finish reading it. I wasn’t going to put it down now, I was far too attached. I wasn’t that disappointed I was not going to get paid for the proofreading I had already covered, I was glad to be reading a good book again.

"The story is capturing and engaging; and that is saying something since the Honey Badger is a character that isn’t exactly all honey. Alacrán is harsh, sees a wound and put salt on it and then presses it with his nail to make it worse. He knows where and how to hit. Maybe that’s why we meet him during an interview, alongside the interviewer and therefore can let him take the first verbal punches, until we get used to him..."  Martien Wildeman

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Alacrán, The Honey Badger by Bob Miller


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Bob Miller Writes. A website of short stories, articles, and eBooks with the power to piss-off both the advocates and the opponents. The apprentice world would be a simple one, a Brigadoon no less. That is if it were not for two bad apples. One: The sociopath. Two: The apathetic fool who lives a lie from sunrise to sunrise. Most Americans are the fence sitters. They don't know what they believe. They just know they're proud to live in a democracy that is in actuality a poorly managed republic. The thing they like best about the government of the United States is that it's a government of the people, by the people, for the people with the unalienable rights to disavow any knowledge of acts of barbarism and to take no responsibility for the torturing and murdering of millions for profit and/or revenge. Americans are a lot like lions that go after and kill hyenas, and you can save the speech about lions only killing hyenas to protect their territory. Lions, like Americans, don’t give a damn whose territory the hyenas are in, they’ll kill them absent of hunger and leave the bodies lie where they fall. I know because I been there and done that. I'm Bob Miller

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At least the attorneys got the name of their system right when they called it the Criminal Justice System, because it damn sure isn’t the Victim Justice System." Bob Miller

In 1958 Bob Miller joined the U.S. Air Force and served in the Strategic Air Command in a crash rescue unit (SAC). Ten years later he was in a U.S. Army uniform and served with the 192nd Assault Helicopter Company serving in Vietnam (Phan Thiet LZ Betty). Miller's aircraft was shot down twice and he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

And the Air Medal (29 clusters). Miller is from Florence, Alabama and has authored seven books.

 Bob Miller - America's most controversial writers (Google).

Alacrán, The Honey Badger ISBN-13: 9781483520650